Hi there!

I’m a product designer with over 3 years of experience designing product UI and UX in start-up environment. I specialize in web and mobile solutions with a strong emphasis on user-centered designs and an eye to details. I deliver smooth and engaging experience utilizing my background in game design and storytelling.

Specialties & Skills:

Experience of full product release cycle, from concept to test to release.
Skilled at major design tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, etc.
Adept at all phases of product design: sketches, screen flows, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, tests, documentations.
Experienced at HTML&CSS. Hands-on experience with Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery.

I love playing around with color palettes and layouts. I love hearing problems and throwing ideas for solutions on whiteboards. I love mapping out screen flows and prototyping stuff to click through. I love zooming in the canvas to 20x and counting pixels between lines. I love pumping out HTML&CSS codes. I love getting feedback from testers and lining up usage data, and seeing the result improve after next iteration.

At an early stage start-up

In a word, I designed every single piece of a new corporate wellness and benefit platform. Everything from the on-boarding, booking, payment, account management, tablet-based check-in for employees, to service, schedule, staff, heat maps for service providers and companies go into my work folder. I also designed the profiles of multiple personas and messaging on top of the services, which connect all types of events on the platform. I deliver design pieces throughout the release cycle, from whiteboarding and wireframing to hi-fi mockups, icons and prototypes for tests. Rapid design sprints were called to pump out mockups or prototypes within days, to which I was able to answer and deliver with additional attention to details. I engaged in user tests and interviews and iterated based on data collected. My work helped the company to grow partnership from 0 to 30+.

On the side

I run a wiki project where I designed and hand coded the entire responsive interface with Bootstrap enabled, built the information architecture, and scripted various tools for writers and readers. I do game design, video editing and story writing with an eye to smooth experience and meaningful flows. I love Photoshop and Illustrator and create icons or graphic designs for fun.

At top universities

During my years at Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center, I designed interface and experience for a handful of apps and games within rapid prototype cycles. Deliverables ranged from a mobile AR app to a Unity 2D game playable on mobile and web. At Tsinghua University, the Top 1 University in China where I got my double bachelor, I was the Design Lead of the Publicity Center of my school where posters, flyers and promo videos for all the major school activities were produced.