Fitness does not only take place in gyms. It can happen in any form, whether it’s 10 minutes walk to grab a cup of coffee, or 30 minutes bike ride to commute. It does not have to solely rely on one’s internal motivations either. Anyone can give others a push. An invitation to a Go Game, a group activity in Escape Room, a request to walk the dog, all end up burning some calories.

Workout is more than classes, and engagement in fitness is not exclusive to the fitness expert. This is where Sqwell wants to explore: to increase the engagement by turning daily life into workout sessions and encourage group activities.

The goal of this project is to create a concept of an android app to allow such engagement. We broke the high level goal into more concrete requirements:

  • It needs to serve the general public and the fitness community
  • Creation of an activity should be fast and effortless
  • Activities are different from events. They are free form, and can be reoccurring. They can come from suggestions.
  • It is social
  • Onboarding and RSVP for an invitation should be easy as a breeze
  • Due to time and resource, it will first be developed on android

I took the requirements and delivered my solutions for the concept:

  • It starts with a feed of activities – from workout buddies (friends) or, for new users, from certified trainers, fitness experts and popular activities.
  • Location is the only required field when creating new activities. All the other fields have default values or are optional.
  • RSVP is only two taps away – to RSVP and to confirm.
  • Or one text message away – recipients who are not yet on this platform don’t have to download the app and sign up to RSVP. They can simply reply to the text message sent to their phone when a user invites them.
  • Activity hosts can track the attendance and see who’s coming, even those who have not yet created an account.
  • Users have a network of workout buddies. People they invited in the past, hosts of the activities they attended, all go into their network.
  • Activities can be shared, bookmarked or used as template. Fitness community can take advantage of the platform and promote their professional recommendations.
  • It is for android – thus material design.
  • Project type: Mobile App, Material Design
  • Skills: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Project year: 2016