While activities are core to users on Sqwell, they are equally important to the partners: service providers from one-person studio to brand names, companies hosting on-site activities, sponsors offering work out events. They’d expect to know who are coming, how each activity gets displayed on the other end, how popular they are and how to broadcast their events.

Several features were prototyped and implemented to address their needs, based on interviews with on-site activity providers, and close observation of the regular work flows at various studios. First thing first, the partners want to create and manage their activities. Restrictions and offerings vary from studio to studio. It’s upon the designer to translate existing complexity into a simple flow while maintaining flexibility. The final design incorporated customization from dates, time, seats, booking windows, location and discounts to various service types included in passes and memberships. Some of them wish to reach out to class takers and share their activities with one click, and the product enables that. Plus, they can manage their employees on the platform. What’s more? On-site check-in is super easy with one scan on tablets at the door, and walk-ins are welcomed at corporate benefit events with quick registration, as requested by some client companies.

  • Project type: Web/Mobile app
  • Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Project year: 2016