As the essential communication channel on Sqwell, the chat system need to embed all types of services and information on the platform. The design and the final product successfully incorporated all the information and actions into chat bubbles, from bookings to feed posts and instructor profiles.

Another challenge was coordinating the chat channels of individual users while enabling chat between individuals and organizations. Instructors logged into partner channel should be able to talk to customers as an instructor and, if authenticated, as the studio at the same time. HRs signed into the corporate channel should be able to do the same. The problem was solved by separating the two inboxes and build different entrances for individuals and organizations, to allow chatting with different identities simultaneously. The interface of the two channels stay consistent, but bear enough difference in the layout and interaction just to tell them apart.

  • Project type: Web app
  • Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS
  • Project year: 2015-2016